【Must-have for tourists visiting Taiwan: Taipei 101 + National Palace Museum+ EasyCard specific design edition】Taipei Fun Pass l Classical Version

Taipei 101 Observatory adult ticket+ National Palace Museum ordinary ticket+ EasyCard with Taipei symbolic images design} All in One


Merchandise included in the Package

  1. EasyCard specific design edition (gift) x 1
  2. Taipei 101 Observatory Full-Price Ticket x 1
  3. National Palace Museum Ordinary-Visit Ticket x 1
  4. Southern Branch of The National Palace Museum Ordinary-Visit Ticket x 1

Two must-see attractions & Transportation & Shopping with one Pass in hand

The best tool and best experience for traveling in Taipei from Taiwan’s landmark, Taipei 101 Observatory, to the National Palace Museum full of rich history with just one Pass.

“Taipei Fun Pass l Classical Version “includes tickets to two popular attractions (Taipei 101 Observatory adult ticket x 1, National Palace Museum ordinary ticket x 1, allowing visit to each attraction once) + EasyCard with Taipei symbolic images design (gift)

Integration of attractions, transportation, and shopping

The specific EasyCard with Taipei symbolic images design presents the Taipei 101, the National Palace Museum and a Formosan black bear drinking bubble tea on the golden matte card surface with classic temperament and is highly collectible. After topping up the card, you can take public transport and do shopping. It is an integration of attractions, transportation, and shopping.

The specific EasyCard with Taipei symbolic images design: top-up for use of transportation such as Taipei MRT, Pingxi/Shen’ao Line of Taiwan Railways, City Bus, Taiwan Tourist Shuttle…etc. You can also pay with EasyCard at convenience stores, local supermarkets, gas stations and so on.

Discounts at hundreds of appointed stores

Buy one Xiao long bao get one free at Dian Shui Lou; buy one drink to go get second half price at cha FOR TEA; foot massage…etc. You can have much fun eating, drinking, playing and shopping till you drop. Please visit “appointed stores” webpage for details: https://funpass.travel.taipei/map

How to get this card?

Taipei Fun Pass APP>>Download

step1 Buy from web  or Buy from APP

step2 Choose pick up date (※ It needs 3~5 days to deliver the card to Visitor Information Center)

step3 Pick up the Fun Pass (Songshan Airport,Taoyuan International Airport Terminal 2, Terminal 1)

After purchasing through the website or the app,you can choose any pick up point yo get your Taipei Fun Pass

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