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【Must-have for tourists visiting Taiwan: Taipei 101 + National Palace Museum+ EasyCard specific design edition】Taipei Fun Pass l Classical Version

The best tool and best experience for traveling in Taipei from Taiwan’s landmark, Taipei 101 Observatory, to the National Palace Museum full of rich history with just one Pass.The specific EasyCard with Taipei symbolic images design presents the Taipei 101, the National Palace Museum and a Formosan black bear drinking bubble tea on the golden matte card surface with classic temperament and is highly collectible. After topping up the card, you can take public transport and do shopping. It is an integration of attractions, transportation, and shopping.



台灣來說交通系統可分為:捷運、台鐵、高鐵、國道客運、市區公車這五大類。因應國際旅客需求,各交通工具也推出方便旅客使用的Day Pass。DayPass顧名思義就是在天數期限內可以無限搭乘使用。在旅途中,你可以事先規畫交通預算、提早購買訂票。讓你的旅行更輕鬆。以下是台灣捷運、台鐵、高鐵交通系統Day Pass總整理